Northern Tree Transplanters November 2011 Newsletter Hedging Home Tree Spade Hire Contact Us Why Use Trees Newsletters Videos Order Online Latest News Christmas Trees We started the month at Blyth and at very short notice Northern Tree Transplanters were asked to help with the redesign of the Leeds Golf centre. Two days from the owner deciding on transplanting 500 trees, Northern tree Transplanters were on site. With eight working days given to move these trees a third tree spade was taken to Leeds as a back up. After the first day the owner could see the instant impact of moving semi mature trees and decided to increase the planting areas. He then decided to bring forward phases two and three, which meant moving up to a thousand trees in just over two weeks Northern Tree Transplanters have now moved over nine hundred and fifty trees . Due to moving the trees as quickly we have moved off site to Rockliffe hall- hotel and golf complex to allow the arborist to finish clearing areas of scrub for further planting. We have already been asked back to move up to another 200 trees. The golf course has remained open during this time, and the golfers have been understanding and very interested in the work. Due to the changes to the course and the direction of play, trees are being used to help golfers read the course better making it a safer place. Trees are being used to increase the challenge of play. The wild life on the course have shown there pleasure to the changes, red kites and pheasants have enjoyed the worms that have come to the surface due to the vibration of the machines. Long tail tits have been in the trees while being moved in the tree spades. This to date is the largest transplanting works under taken by Northern Tree Transplanters who were asked to organize the planting.(What trees to go where.) We have now finished the transplanting of trees at Rockliffe hall and are back at base awaiting a shipment of quality rootballed Christmas trees from Germany, which will have to be planted straight away. Then we will be rootballing and transporting some of our large trees to go to Rockliffe hall from our stock at Lanchester. We also have two planting jobs to do near Corbridge of large conifers up to 8m in height before Christmas. Wishing you a happy Christmas. Further Newsletters in new year.