Northern Tree Transplanters          Latest News Hedging Home Tree Spade Hire Contact Us Why Use Trees Newsletters Videos Order Online Latest News Christmas Trees    Major work carried out at University hospital After a few delays by the hospital, we eventually got the go ahead to transport and plant a 20 foot Christmas tree. The Christmas tree had a purpose built area and is situated 100 yards from the main entrance. The tree will be decorated with lights throughout the festive seasons. We certainly picked a great day to perform the operation, with heavy rain and wind, the job ended much more difficult than originally expected, but the end result was the same high standard you would expect from Northern Tree Transplanters. Below are some photos of the operation. Phase one  preperation begins to load the Christmas tree onto the trailer for transport to University hospital. Phase two the unloading process begins. Click on photos for large high definition images  Phase three now to secure the tree to its new home Phase four the finished result, another successful mission accomplished Northern Tree Transplanters Phone: 01207 529500 Fax: 01207 529308 Mobile 07713 627329