Northern Tree Transplanters        Why Use Trees Hedging Home Tree Spade Hire Contact Us Why Use Trees Newsletters Videos Order Online Latest News Christmas Trees WHY CHOOSE TO USE TREES, HEDGING AND SHRUBS TO IMPROVE OR CHANGE                                 THE WAY YOU LIVE, WORK AND RELAX. With thoughtful selection and planting of quality trees, shrubs and hedging, a more relaxing  environment can be created. Introduce seasonal flowering and fruiting trees, wonderful autumn colours and evergreens, all adding another dimension to your site. Thoughtful planting will also give the added benefit of increasing the local wildlife, another good reason for people to visit. Create areas of privacy or screen out undesirable views and objects, while helping to reduce noise levels. Giving residents and visitors a tranquil feel of a well established cared for setting. Reduce your carbon footprint, trees help filter atmospheric pollutants making the air we breath cleaner. If a tree you like is in the way of developing the site, they no longer need to be cut down, we can move trees up to semi-mature (7” diameter) so you can still enjoy them for years to come. Above are just a few examples of how trees, shrubs and hedging can help you create that something special. A little helping hand, to relax your guests and visitors, while increasing the wildlife population. Northern Tree Transplanters Phone: 01207 529500 Fax: 01207 529308 Mobile 07713 627329