Northern Tree Transplanters       Christmas Trees Hedging Home Tree Spade Hire Contact Us Why Use Trees Newsletters Videos Order Online Latest News Christmas Trees ABIES CONCOLOR Makes an excellent Christmas tree, available in sizes 30 centimetres up to 7 metres. ABIES NORDMANNIANA Nordman fir, the most popular internal Christmas tree in the UK. Available 25 centimetres up to 9 metres PICEA PUNGENS HOOPSII One of the best blue conifers. Slow growing, 50 centimetres up to 4 metres. PICEA PUNGENS GLAUCA Colorado blue spruce, all year round interest, slow growing. Sizes 30 centimetres up to 5 metres. Air pot grown up to 4 metre ex nursery. PICEA OMORICA Serbian spruce, slow growing, conical, silver green foliage. Sizes 20 centimetres up to 9 metres. PICEA ABIES Norway spruce, an excellent home grown Christmas tree available 20 centimetres up to 9 metres. Northern Tree Transplanters Phone: 01207 529500 Fax: 01207 529308 Mobile 07713 627329 Due to exchange rates and availability, please contact us for competitive prices. Planting service available.