Northern Tree Transplanters  2017 Newsletter Hedging Home Tree Spade Hire Contact Us Why Use Trees Newsletters Videos Order Online Latest News Christmas Trees Due the dry winter Northern tree transplanters have had a busy spring moving trees and  planting trees on lots of Golf courses travelling as far as Loughborough and Gleneagles. One of the many challengers taking trees through the under road tunnel on the Ramside Golf Course . At Lizards farm Wildfowl numbers are increasing on our lake, due to a regular feed of barley, i have also done a tree/shrub swap for some ornamental wildfowl however i was not ready for them and freddy fox has taken a few. Since his visits i have built a pen at the top of the lake. We have been ordering heathers, grasses ,ferns and perennial plants for customers and planting some around the farm. This spring also saw a increase of shrub planting around farm these will all be for sale in the near future, a list is available from the office. The weather has been trying this spring very very windy ,very dry and when it did rain it was heavy and made tree planting pits –soft mud then the winds came again blowing trees over and snapping branches on other trees. A new member to the team arrived. Our large air potted Copper Beech found a new home at a nursing home. Weeks later we moved a 80 cm girth copper beech in Alnwick for Northumberland county council from a building site near the entrance of Alnwick gardens up to the monument in the centre of Alnwick, let’s hope it got watered during the dry spring. We have been busy moving trees this summer at home and on our travels to Gleneagles and Shewsbury. These liquidambers were moved from the centre of Shewsbury , root balled and delivered to Shewsbury town council depot.