Northern Tree Transplanters January 2011 Newsletter Hedging Home Tree Spade Hire Contact Us Why Use Trees Newsletters Videos Order Online Latest News Christmas Trees January was a busy month for us with major work carried out at several golf courses. Below is an article copied from Eaglescliffe golf club. The work of the Tree Spade If you have ventured onto the course during the last few days apart from seeing some very icy conditions you may also have seen the Tree Spade working. It’s the third time we have employed the services of this contractor and this is the biggest machine he possesses, able to transplant trees of up to 8 inches in diameter, species dependent. A number of our “recently” planted copses such as on the 3rd and 12th are fast approaching a point where they would be inaccessible with such a large machine which requires a 10ft access. The only way we will then be able to thin the over crowding is to resort to the chainsaw which will be a great pity as most of the trees are very good healthy specimens. Using the Tree Spade we have been able redistribute trees into areas where they have either died through natural causes or have been diseased such as on the top RHS of the 7th fairway, or those which we have been forced to remove such as the Poplars on the RHS of the 3rd fairway. We have also placed two trees, an Oak and a Hornbeam to further bolster the tree barrier intended to stop wayward tee shots taken from the 12th, due consideration will be given to how these two trees develop bearing in mind their relatively close proximity to the line of shot. Over the workshop road the LHS of the 12th has received a number of transplanted trees, these have now visually linked the two existing copses and will help to provide a barrier for pulled tee shots from the 9th. The two transplanted trees on the LHS of the 2nd which we moved last year and are the only unsuccessful “takes” so far have been removed and several replacements installed, the 2nd and 16th are now delineated with added safety again from wayward 16th tee shots. Thankfully we managed to move the Scots Pines into the back of the 17th while the ground was frozen, this is a difficult part of the course to access and we have had to cancel previous attempts. Lastly the gap between the 3rd green and the 14th green has now received two Oak trees making playing up the 3rd and back over to the 14th a less attractive option. The four "spades" are hydraulically pushed into the ground round the tree. Please click photos for high definition images The tree now detached from the ground where it grew, is lifted out. Carefully the tree is taken from the copse, total weight around two tons. Across the 12th fairway - an unusual sight !! The Tree Spade dwarfs the greenstaff's Gator vehicle. Almost there with this Scots Pine going in behind the 17th green. The 5 1/2 foot deep hole is ready to receive the Scots Pine. Now in position the "spades" are removed. There are one or two other locations I haven't mentioned however I am sure you will spot where they are !! We will shortly be harvesting 150 trees (semi mature) to be brought back to the nursery for sale, these will include : Acer Autumn blaze 5 betula jacquemontii 40 tristis 1 papyrifera 3 fagus riversi 3 fraxinus jaspinia 4 raywood 6 Prunus accolade 20 avium plena 10 avium 10 Kanzan 12 okame 2 Schmittii 25 serrula 10 Shitogen 10 subhirtella Autumnalis 6 Tai Haku 35-40 Umeniko 18 Pyrus chanticleer 30 Tillia tomentosa 3 These trees are approx 4 inches in diameter and rootballed with my small tree spade. Also multi stem trees for sale Evonymus Alatus                                    Carpinus Betulus                                                Acer