Northern Tree Transplanters January 2010 Newsletter Hedging Home Tree Spade Hire Contact Us Why Use Trees Newsletters Videos Order Online Latest News Christmas Trees BARE ROOT TREES AVAILABLE TO PLANT BEFORE THE END OF APRIL Acer Campestre Acer Platanoides Acer Pseudoplatanus Acer Sacchainum Aesculus Field Maple Norway Maple Crimson King Drummondii Emerald Queen Deborah Sycamore Horse Chestnut Silver Birch Himalayan Birch Hornbeam Sweet chestnut Common Beach Purple Beach Ash Apple/Crab... Most types available Cherry... Most available Pear Oak... Most available Willows Mountain Ash Limes Hippocastanum Chestnut Betula Pendula Betula Jacquemontii Carpinus Betulus Castanea Sativa Fagus Sylvatica Fagus Atropurpurea Fraxinus Excelsior Malus Prunes Pyrus Quercus Salix Sorbus Tillia          All planting equipment available at very competive prices                                     Large Semi Mature Native Trees Available Prices from only £100 each. 15-20 year old Oak or green beech. Transport can be arranged.                              Japanese Cherry Trees Now Available Nursury grown rootballed, sizes from 23-40 CMS girth. Approx 10 years old Prunus accolade avium avium plena Kanzan Schmittii Shirofugan Shirotae Snow Goose subhirtella Autumnalis (white) " " Rosea (pink) Tai Haku Umeniko. Purchase Your Next Christmas Tree From Us At Unbeatable Prices. BLUE SPRUCE NORDMAN FIR FRASER FIR NORWAY FIR SCOTS PINE WESTERN HEMLOCK or rootballs,wrapped in hessian. Planting service and delivery also available. Orders been taken now, hurry while stocks last. Other types of conifers available All Xmas trees will be available in pots The New Tree And Shrub Container Trees are available from seedlings up to 10m +. We grow trees from seed, in root trainer pots. We transfer them into handy bag pots or airpots which promote root health and growth. These can be planted at anytime or a planting service can be arranged. Choose from thousands of colourful trees and shrubs, if we don't have it, just ask. Tel Peter on 01207 529500 Best prices given. NORTHERN TREE TRANSPLANTERS ARE A NEW UNIQUE COMPANY IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND. WE HAVE TREE SPADES, WHICH CAN TRANSPLANT TREES SUCCESSFULLY. ONCE TREES ARE DUG THEY CAN BE MOVED A SHORT DISTANCE AND TRANSPLANTED OR ROOT BALLED TO BE MOVED OFF SITE. WE ARE NOW CREATING A SEMI MATURE TREE NURSERY FOR INSTANT IMPACT. NORTHERN TREE TRANSPLANTERS BUY AND SELL MOST TYPES AND SIZES OF NATIVE OR ORNAMENTALTREES . SHRUBS AND CERTAIN PLANTS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE. PLANTING SUNDRIES ARE FOR SALE , RABBIT GUARDS , STAKES , STRAPS , FERTILIZER, COMPOST ETC. TREES COME IN ALL COLOURS , SHAPES AND SIZES. WE HAVE LARGE MAGNOLIA, BOX HORNBEAM,CYPRESS OAKS ETC PLEASE RING 07713 627329 OR 01207 529500